Our mission is to love Jesus, love people, and make a difference. Each month we are committed to making a practical difference in the world. For the month of July we want to bring Heaven to earth by showing some love to our area, the 757.

For the month of July our goal is to do hundreds of random acts of kindness all over the Peninsula. What a great way to get your family and friends involved in making a difference!

Jesus said we are to pray, “God’s kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.” A goal for Believers is to bring Heaven to earth. The world should be a better place because of God’s love in us.

Our prayer is that this month you will be inspired to continually bring Heaven to the 757 by doing random acts of kindness.

How can you participate?

  • Pick a random act of kindness from our list of ideas below or come up with a unique idea of your own that meets a need.
  • Take action and love on the 757 and your neighborhood
  • Share your act of kindness on social media using #ILovethe757
  • Get others involved- Be the example.
    1. Write a thank you note to your postman, and or garbage man.
    2. Make a military care package for someone from the 757 serving overseas.
    3. Clean out your closet and donate clothes to a local consignment shop.
    4. Donate to the Peninsula Rescue Mission. For more information on the Peninsula Rescue Mission visit prm.info
    5. Volunteer at a local animal shelter. For more information on a local shelter for dogs visit animalaid-va.org.
    6. Pay for the person behind you at a drive thru.
    7. Welcome someone into the neighborhood by giving them a list of your favorite restaurants, grocery stores, and local entertainment.
    8. Return a shopping cart or ten that has been left out in the parking lot.
    9. Donate blood to the Red Cross. To find local donation stations visit http://www.aabb.org/resources/donation/Pages/bblocator.aspx
    10. Pay for the groceries of the person standing behind you.
    11. Give out free bottles of water on the Noland Trail.
    12. Give your child’s bus driver a gift card to a restaurant.
    13. Invite your parents out to dinner and pay for them.
    14. Buy a prepaid gas card and give it someone you meet at the gas station.
    15. Encourage someone via social media.
    16. Provide quarters for people to wash their clothes at the Laundromat.
    17. Pick up trash any time you see it on the road, street, or your neighborhood.
    18. Leave a very generous tip for your waiter or waitress.
    19. Offer to mow your neighbor’s lawn.
    20. Deliver a meal for Meals on Wheels. To find locations to participate with visit http://www.mowaa.org/page.aspx?pid=253
    21. Leave change in a candy or vending machine.
    22. Offer construction or city workers milkshakes, bottle water, or Gatorade.
    23. Eat at the same restaurant at the same time on a weekly basis with the intention of getting to know the staff. Specifically eat at a local restaurant and not a chain.
    24. Donate snacks to the teachers lounge at a local school.
    25. Donate hair to locks of love.
    26. Put a monetary gift in a book from the library to be found by the next person that checks it out.
    27. Compliment a stranger.
    28. Leave an anonymous gift on someone’s doorstep.
    29. Coach a kids sports team and keep your cool so that you are a good witness.
    30. Drop off homemade items at a police or fire station.
    31. Do a task no one else wants to do.
    32. Offer free babysitting to your Facebook friends. First come first serve.
    33. Write a letter to someone who has made a difference in your life.
    34. Thank a veteran.  For more information visit https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/kindness-ideas/1228-thanking-veterans
    35. Buy tickets to a concert or sporting event that you want to go to and give them to someone who can’t afford to go.
    36. Invite an unchurched friend over for dinner.
    37. Have a conversation with a homeless person.
    38. Adopt a highway. For more information visit http://www.adoptahighway.com/home.html
    39. Volunteer at a local school.
    40. Volunteer to help build or restore a house through Habitat for Humanity. For more information visit http://www.habitat.org
    41. Donate your vehicle. If you have a car that you are not using or could do with out consider donating to a family in need.  Ideas: http://virginia.wheelsforwishes.org/ and http://carsforveterans.org
    42. Talk with a sales clerk. Even better buy them something while you are checking out.
    43. Invite your neighbors over for an open house/cook out/bonfire.
    44. Run for a great cause. There are many out there but Step Up for Down Syndrome 5k is a local race coming up in October. For more information visit http://www.dsahr.org/step-up-for-down-syndrome/ or http://www.runningintheusa.com/Race/List.aspx?Rank=Month&Month=10&State=VA&Page=3
    45. Support local stores by shopping there.
    46. Smile at strangers. Not in a creepy way that will get you arrested, but in a welcoming way.
    47. Buy school supplies for a classroom.
    48. Host a neighborhood event. For example an outdoor movie night, kickball game, freeze tag etc.
    49. Volunteer at a local nursing home.
    50. Come up with your own way to make a difference. There is no wrong answer as long as you are doing it to show God’s love to someone.

A few more ideas!

1. Volunteer to read to elderly at a nursing home.

2. Fill book bags with school supplies (or fun summer stuff) and take to social services.

3. Wash your spouse or parent’s car.

4. Spend the day taking an elderly person on errands.

5. Leave flowers on someone’s doorstep.

6. Buy movie tickets for person behind you in line.

7. Send anonymous greetings cards.

8. Leave cookies in your mailbox for the mailman.